Original Watercolor Paintings by Kathleen Grandjean

I'm fortunate to be doing what I love to do.

My Beginnings


Since I learned about the magic of watercolor paintings at Ramona High School in Riverside, California I've been in love with manipulating the medium to achieve my vision.  My mother was always my greatest fan, and she put up with lots of spilled paint and ink, sometimes on her good furniture.  My online art gallery and whatever success I've achieved as an artist is dedicated to my Mom, Anna Castagna Gunnoe.

My Favorite Work

Jody's Rose

My choice of subject matter varies, but I'm really in my element when I paint beautiful objects up close so I can challenge myself to make those objects come to life.  My favorite compliment is when people say, "how did you do that". 

After 20 years of travel with my Air Force Husband,  I'm content to paint in Texas, the state I love

After traveling the country and Europe for 20 years as an Air Force wife, and raising three children, I'm content to paint in Texas,  the state I love.


There's lots to see here, so take your time, look around, and choose your favorites.  If your budget is limited, please note that many of my paintings are available as high-quality limited

edition giclee prints.

Below are a two new paintings, Waiting for Santa & The Pumpkin Patch

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